Pay Attention to These Unsafe Foods

As a regular blogger on Unsafe Foods, I’ve had the opportunity to talk about a few oddities. Take a look at  a couple of my favorites,   here, here, and here.

Sew Trendy Retreat Blog Coverage

Sew Trendy Accessories presented a get-away for photographers to test their skill and team up with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Check out the first day of coverage, here. Learn about the lessons, here. Continue the journey, here.

Editor for The Golden Book of Primary Songs and Hymns

The Golden Book of Primary Songs and Hymns is the first in a series of three music books. My responsibilities were to guide the correspondence between the cover illustrator and the author, as well as final-edit the book. The books are available, here.


Utilizing Trello, Slack, Google docs/sheets, and PowerPoint, in-office discussion, and assignment-based action, I assisted in the development of brand messaging, content, and assets for Addictable. Along with that development, we also created an educational blog on retention, churn, and A.I. The Future Of CX- Growing Beyond Surveys There’s Context Hiding In Your Data Get Your…

Shockwave Magazine: Vans Warped Tour 2017 Video Coverage

Two people, one festival, and media passes, provided by Vans Warped Tour and Shockwave Magazine, made for a challenging expedition. Even though there was sweat, sunburns, and a fast pace, the artists and the music made for the perfect environment for video coverage. Full Interviews: GWAR Read the full article for GWAR  here. Memphis…

Senses Fail

Colorful, fun, and with impact; this show left a mark on Salt Lake City’s downtown community. Check it out here.

Sinner Sinners: Optimism Disorder Album Review and Interview

  If there was an opportunity for creative writing, Sinner Sinner’s offered it with a silver spoon. This review was a chance for me to play with psychology and music complexities. Check out the album review here, as well as the interview here.