Next Right

 Next Right (Currently in Post-Production) Production Assistant, Script Supervisor, Production Set Photographer, Associate Producer  

Short Film Production Stills

Pastime Patriot Film Festival Official Selection, Frankly Film Fest, Southern Gothicon  Next Right Associate Producer, Production Photographer, Production Assistant, Script Supervisor (Currently in Post Production)

Scattered Hamlet: Swamp Rebel Machine Album Review

  Scattered Hamlet will make your roots sing along with their rebelious choruses and brush it off attitude. The character driven album practically wrote itself, but I’ll take the credit for the words. Remember your roots by a walk through true nature in my Shockwave Magazine Article.

Interview with Matt Sorum

I was given the opportunity to interview the great Kings of Chaos drummer, Matt Sorum. Read further to experience the mind of the former Guns and Roses artist, here.

Kenny Dubman: Reckless Abandon Album Review and Interview

This was one of my more racy articles, however the demographic called for the style. Along with that, the music screamed for antics; I simply gave it an image. Check out one of my most revered reviews, Kenny Dubman’s Reckless Abandon and follow along in the interview, here.

Late Night Savior Benefit Concert

I organized the 10 minute video interview and show review by corresponding with Late Night Savior, videographers, an audio engineer, and the venue management. Afterwards, I was an active decision maker in the video editing process. From there, I published it on Shockwave Magazine  with a short blurb to establish higher web traffic and band…

Shiprocked 2017 Video Production

Shockwave Magazine had the opportunity to interview multiple artist performing on Shiprocked 2017. Our journalist team filmed four interviews and I was responsible for producing their work. I coordinated with a video editor, Shockwave’s publisher, and the interviewer to bring the magazine into film. Though this had been done to some extent with Shockwave, it…

Shiprocked 2017: Media Coverage

I was responsible for orchestrating the after-coverage of the four day rock cruise, Shiprocked. With the collection of material and experiences of the journalist team, I planned and executed a two week media stream. The first aspect of the coverage was to incorporate a daily article with a “reliving” theme. I assigned each journalist a…